Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seasonal Forgetful Disorder

It is late on a Monday.  The last hour of the day actually.  I spent nearly the entire day outside.  After a big thundery rain we had a hot day.  High 80s for sure, maybe even a few minutes in the saveitforsummer 90s.  Between those two conditions it was like living in a greenhouse.  The garden seemed to explode right before my eyes and nose.  With the Wisteria still offering up waves of sweet air, I walked around finding a smattering of surprises (as well as some old standbys that were right on time).

I love the idea of sneaking seeds into unsuspecting spots and forgetting about them.  I tried this same technique when I was young, maybe 13.  I had a huge volume of Anne of Green Gables, into which I never quite delved.  Too quaint for me, maybe, not enough disaster or grief.  I know.

Regardless, I had the idea of hiding a twenty dollar bill in the middle of this volume feeling like it would be swallowed up by the thick pages and, that when the fancy struck, I would stumble upon it and...well, imagine the delight at coming into money that way.  At least, it sounded delightful to my 13-year-old self.

It never worked.  I always remembered it was there and it was recaptured as quick as the changing whim of a young teen.

But, sneaking a seed into the ground at Thanksgiving, or even early Spring, one has high chances and good odds at being taken aback by the height and color that might spring forth.

When seasons pass, things are forgotten.  One might sense that the fullness felt after a Christmas Eve feast will last her at least until April Fool's Day.  Or that burning sensation of an afternoon in August makes you think that come the "relief" of January temps you will never again crave such a wave of heat.  Not so.  Seasons have a way of wiping the slate.  I suppose, if we remembered everything, we would be too tired to get our hands dirty again and wait again for the blossoms and the buds.

But instead of Exhaustion there is Anticipation.  Spring has arrived and it flows so slowly here in the Southeast.  So, take your time, and walk with me through 20 photos from today!

This California Poppy popped out of nowhere!  The daffs are looking tired, so they are happy for some help.

Oh Columbine! Oh Columbine!  How graceful are your stems.  This one was a leftover from last years wildflower seed fling.

I just loved this shot.

These hollyhocks were also a part of that fling and they are BURSTING at the stem.  Just look at that bud.

I love this view.  The CC looks like it is going to be swallowed up between the Chocolate Vine and that climbing rose.

These are at your Local Lowe's right now.  Hardy and reliable.  Salvia.

Such stature, such stately strutting, these Lilies that have yet to bloom.

The mystery shrub/vine...still cannot track it down.

Absolutely no editing here.  This is the actual color and texture of this early rose.  An English Antique.

Queen of Night Tulips under a Jap Map

Yes!  That is MY foot.  And a pine pollen dusted sun-worshiping tulip.  Everything right now is dusted in pine pollen.  Even my bathroom sink.

Speaking of sticking seeds in the ground.  Try sunflowers, these are only beginning, but...just you wait!! They get so tall even birds struggle to reach them.

They were just so beautiful in the afternoon light.  It was worth getting mulch in my ears for this shot.

Another, different sort of poppy.  Did I fling these seeds or did you Dr. Gooch (let's see if we can get him to leave a comment).

"Y" plant a Japanese Maple?  Because they come in every color of the rainbow.

Even on such a WARM day, the Wisteria reminds us it is indeed Spring.

Hosta, about a week old, pushed through under trees just starting to leaf out.  Hostas like shade.

Corel Bells will bloom in June, but who needs flowers when your leaves are this gorgeous!

Tender Veggies and herbs and a soccer goal in the distance.


liz canaan roberts said...

what a treat this was at approx eleven in the pm! just love all that beautiful growth. thanks for sweating and sharing.

Taylor said...

Love that snap of the Sunflower shoots and Wisteria. Spring really is the most beautiful time of the year. We are coming into Winter in Australia :-( which makes me sad, but I guess every season has it's benefits!

Rebecca said...

We saw something yesterday at the NC Botanical Gardens that looks like your mystery plant "Jessamine"...

Jordan said...

No, it's not Jessamine...

Anonymous said...

There is a magazine that my parents get for my kids called 'Birds and Bloom'. They have an 'Ask the Expert' section and might have something similar on their website come to think of it, but people are always sending in pictures and asking "What is this plant?" You might try it with your mystery plant.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

It's a yellow rose bush called Lady Banks rose. You can find information about it here.


Jordan said...

Melissa! Yes, I believe you have solved the mystery! I was just at the Farmer's Market and there, for sale, a Lady Banks Rose Bush! Thank you, I feel like I should send you a prize! Maybe I will!

The Original Mangums said...

Your yard is most peoples dream come true - it is mine! Beautiful!

buddens said...

i love it all - it's the real life version of "serenity now."

Melissa said...

I'm glad that I could help! My mother has had one in her yard for close to 2o years and it's just as beautiful as it was when she first planted it. I'm glad that you are enjoying living in NC! I live in a little town called Whiteville in southeastern NC and I think it's a little piece of heaven!!!

Maggie said...

I love your raised vege beds. The edge thickness is great, means you can sit on the edge while you weed/tinker. I'm using them as the inspiration for my future beds.