Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Garden Stroll, Pit-Stop Gardening, and Clip and Go


filling up a large bowl of succulent spinach

clipping completed, small leave left intact

Clip and Go!  It's the method that keeps on giving!

One of my favorite things to do is take Dr. Gooch by the hand and walk the gardens here at CC.  After the two littles are in bed and the two olders are finishing up homework, we use the last of the days light to survey the progress.  If he's been at work all day I report (brag) on what I've done that day during what I call my Pit-Stop gardening:  Planted lavender amongst the Queen of Night Tulips that will take over flowering privileges come the summer months, weeded the slope by the garage, planted cucumbers to replace the ones I lost to cold temps, etc.  He oohs and aahs and pats my back and we discuss where to plant his new Fig tree!

I call it Pit-Stop because between household chores, meals, and four children, I pick weeds on my way to the mailbox or to feed the chickens, sow seeds during lunch, and prune trees and shrubs on my way to and from errands.  I always spend at least an hour puttering this way each day, but often (usually) two.  In this sense, gardening is not magic.  It does take time and effort, but a little goes a long way. 

Like my six spinach plants.  They will give me spinach all season and probably into the fall.  Sometimes, here, spinach will even "winter" and come back again next spring.  I'll do the same with my lettuce mix. Though lettuce will not winter.  

Take a stroll, garden in spurts, and cut and go!!  My triple tips for the day.

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