Friday, April 8, 2011

Raising Chickens is Like Raising Children

Unclipped beauties.

Clipped by Mama, with Hazel's helping hand.

Fiskars!  Who woulda thought.

Wisteria vine leaves, a treat for a job well done.

You want them to fly.  You do.  They need strong wings.  They need to be able to escape predators and lift themselves up onto the roosting bar.  They need strong wings for soft landings.

But, while they are young and "still laying" they need to stay close to home.  Home is where they can strengthen those wings in safety and security.  Home is where there is good food to eat, so they can later recognize the bad.  Home is a testing ground for choice-making.  A soft place to land where mistakes are absorbed and lessons learned.

Smart, loving discipline to a child or clipping the wing tips of a hen; there is no difference really.

We hope "Sally" will stay inside the fence now.

*A Big Hello to all you No Big Dill readers!!


Rae said...

Thank you! i have been needing to do this to my hens for a month now but was VERY worried and didn't know how to learn how to do it. I follow No Big Dill.... so glad she shared you with me!!!!!

Jordan said...

Rae! So glad to have you!

Mark + Tiffany said...

I'm another sent over by No Big Dill :) I love her blog so much! I'm excited to read yours too.

I dream of raising chickens someday, and of having a big lovely garden to dig my fingers into. Someday I will, but for now, I will be contented to see it through your blog. Thanks for the peek into your life!

Ann said...

I had to do that to birds when I worked in the pet store. If you leave a couple of the fore-feathers it still looks beautiful when their wings are closed.

Ann said...

PS Be careful to not clip too high up or you can cut into a vein.

Marci said...

i have wondered about a good gardening blog and where to go for one and then BAM the most talented sewer i've ever seen has a fantastic sister who gardens! what are the chances? probably pretty good actually but i'm really excited to find you! i'll be a stalker from now on.;D

Jordan said...

Marci! So glad to have you!

Jordan said...

Mark+Tiffany! Welcome!

HarmlessColor said...

I'm coming over from no big dill : )
I loved having chickens growing up. I would love to have them now if it weren't for the whole live in an apartment thing.
Baird Rocks/Plymouth Rocks are so friendly.