Friday, April 1, 2011

Patch Problem

There are strawberries in my Rhubarb patch.  Happily, both only need to be planted once then grow bigger and better every year.  We are on our second year for both.  This is the first year we've harvested the Rhubarb.  Now all devoured tucked tartly into crumb cake.  We had strawberries last year but they were so small and picked at by the birds and bunnies before we could partake.  I'm hoping we'll have enough for all of us this year.  Any strawberry tips for me?


madsta said...

No tips- but we get strawberries growing in our front garden through summer, my grandma makes them into jam for us- she also steals our apples- feel free to publish any strawberry advice- my mum would LOVE a rhubarb patch, it used to grow in our garden (guess we got lucky) but then we moved :(

Anonymous said...

Chicken wire...make a cage to put over your patch and weight the edges with 2x2 so it won't blow away, but all you have to do is lift it off to weed and pick the fruit.