Wednesday, April 6, 2011

After Rain

I have a question.

If I didn't know they were weeds, would they bother me as much as they do?

Speaking of weeds, the chicks are growing like one.  After a whole day spent in the yard they learned:

 how to run away from the older hens who got a bit bossy with these newbies, 
how to drink from the waterer, and 
how to seek shelter under the coop when it rains.  

I think they are ready and will go out full time starting tomorrow!!  Aren't they pretty with their black and white feathers.? Can you spot the rooster of the bunch?

First row is leeks.  They have a ways to go before they are ready to be sliced and made into potato-leek pancakes (just dreamt this one up, we'll see).  The two rows behind are the green onions.  I find quite a bit of pleasure in plucking a few out as the need arises in the kitchen.  Am I weird?

This is a tulip who has lost its petals.  But, at our house, they are suspiciously seen around the house being used as magic wands.

Finally, THIS is blooming.  It is such a show off plant, covering itself with these delicate little rose-like creamy yellow blossoms.  It is a perennial (vigorous) plant.  Ben (my brother studying landscape architecture), I cannot seem to track down the name, any ideas.

I spoke with a friend the other day about what to plant.  We both shared the opinion that perennial trumps annual any day.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching your garden come to life in full color without having to plant a thing.  This is ours out front, the day after a night of lovely rain.  Hardly anything is blooming yet besides the bulbs, but look at all the different colors of foliage!


SuzyMcQ said...

Hi Jordan,
I'm Suzy, your sister sent me! I'm not much of a seamstress, but I do know how to garden. I'm thinking that this plant is not a perennial, but a shrub. Would that be possible? It could be Exochordia, but I can't see enough of the plant to know.

Ashley said...

Just came across your blog and LOVE it! I will definitely be following! ~Ashley

Ben said...

What a gorgeous color. I don't have the faintest idea what that butter-yellow plant is. Let me know when you find out.

Louise said...

I have just found your blog, it is so lovely :) I think that your mystery plant is a Banksia Rose, I have a couple in my garden here in Sydney Australia. If you do a google image search for Banksia Rose you'll see lots of pictures :)

Amy said...

Hey I just found your blog via your sis. Love it. I was going to say also that you plant looks like a Lady Banks Rose. Above comment more correct name I guess. :)