Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These tulips are huge!  I wish they would last all summer.  But, I've been sticking seeds in the ground for that future flower show.  It feels like magic to me.  Plant tiny barely visible specks and poof! 

I planted jalapenos, cantaloupe and cucumbers yesterday.  I was picking up some Hellebores from the nursery and I couldn't resist these ready to plant varieties.  They are warm weather crops, but we have warm weather ahead of us and I'm willing to cover them if we by chance dip back in the 30s again.  If the need arises, I'll cover with a sheet, just don't use plastic if you have to do this, too.  Glad to get a head start because the melons take over 80 days to mature.  Good things come to those...

I used green onions from the garden in the green goddess dressing at our double birthday celebration on Sunday.  Also, the Rhubarb is ripe, just in time for a few spring brunches in our immediate future.  Pinch or cut the buds off the Rhubarb so all the energy goes into the edible stems.  Yummy tart desserts ahead!  


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The Original Mangums said...

Beautiful, I love flowers and the colors are so nice - you are a great gardner! BEAUTIFUL, and YUMMY!

molly said...

It does feel like magic!

Got your message, thanks! I'll send those babies outside as soon as I get some dirt ready for them. In a few weeks or so. I know you don't like Chicago, but "You're the Inspiration!" :)