Monday, March 28, 2011

Early Spring at Sarah P Duke Gardens: A Tour

I'm inside now.  And have been for the past few days (except to get the eggs and chase the chickens back into the backyard (they've been hopping the fence again).  It is late on Sunday night.  I've got my furry boots back on and snacking off mini rye toasts and creamy brie.  Cranberry Pomegranate juice is sitting next to me on ice. I've turned the heat back on.

So how about a glimpse at a tour we took last Friday on Duke campus.  The Sarah P Duke gardens, they are a delight in every season.  I was hoping the giant Wisteria would be in full bloom because our smaller version is bursting with shades of purple and competing with the hyacinths for "best smelling" flower ever.

I find myself drawn to these gardens for inspiration.  What is coming up now?  What is in bloom?  Where is it planted? Here is what we found:

The Wisteria, not in full bloom, not even close.  

Yet, somehow it still manages to maintain gorgeous curves.  

But the bulbs, oh the bulbs!!!  Loved this yellow display.

These?  Are they pink anenomes?  

Flowering Cherry above Rosemary.

Stunning shapes at every turn.

I want this.  Have no idea what it is, but ... fantastic!

Made a mental note to plant some parrot tulips like these this Fall.

The remains of some little ducklings left in the pine straw. A fun find by Hazel.

The new and improved pond!

Look closely and you'll see the silhouette of a Harry Walker Contorta tree.  This is where we discovered this beauty and Dr. Gooch planted one near the screen porch.

In Spring it sprouts these romantically dangling flowers.

It's a Hellebores convention!!

purple and red, so royal

'Do Tell' how many years it will take to get my peonies this big and healthy?

Kissimus Profundis, a rare sight

These long-leaf pines are almost sacred here in North Carolina

One can see why.

For you, Dad.  A purple Lilac in bloom!  It is called Daphne Genkwa, from China.  

A shade-loving shrub that blooms in winter and early spring.  Edgeworthia Chrysantha, or Paperbush.  I want one.

Avery sits on the stone stamens of a Dogwood bloom hewn in rock. 

 I've saved the Dogwoods and Camelias for another day.  They each deserve a post of their own.  

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Kurt Knudsen said...

Thanks for the tour Jordan. We need to go. LOVE the pink anemones!