Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To Raise Chickens: 10 Easy Steps

1.  Build a small coop in the back corner of your yard with a roosting bar and laying "boxes" inside.  Or a small portable A-frame.
2.  Up to four Chickens per laying box.
3.  Get a water and feed apparatus.
4.  Line with straw.
5.  Make sure you have a fenced in yard if you have "close" neighbors
6.  Make sure you are not attached to any plants, shrubs or grass or mulch in your backyard.
7.  Buy a few chicks at around $3/each.
8.  Raise to 6 months for laying hens. (Kill and eat any roosters in the batch)
9.  Collect eggs.
10.  Make omelets galore.

(Repeat steps 7-10)


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Kurt Knudsen said...

You make it sound SO EASY!