Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weed Dreaming

I'm dreaming of the beach.  But I'm weeding and watering in reality.  Heat hit our home full force this week.  I killed one of my lovely ferns on the screen porch.  I think I can revive it though.  This is the first time this growing season I've had to get out with the hose.  I soaked the vegetables today because I locked myself and the four rascals outside so I thought I may as well get some work done.  Then, after said rascals were in bed I went out and trimmed the wisteria, chopped down the rust-laden hollyhocks and weeded like a mad woman until it was too dark to see (9:00).

It was just me and the fireflies.  Not bad for not being the beach.


TX Girl said...

How are you not getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?

Maggie said...

nice photo. Love the big hat, big sunglasses style.