Friday, June 10, 2011

"We wouldn't have all this good food..."

"...without all this hot weather!"--my Mom.

We've been in the 90s all week!  I love walking out of a building where I've been blasted with AC and feeling like I'm stepping into a blanket fresh from the dryer.  I love summer because that's when things love to grow!

I sprinkled some chamomile seeds in a spare pot.  I hope we'll be drying the flowers for tea once the weather cools off again.

If only you could sniff this shot.  Gardenias love the warm.

Rudbeckia like when it roasts.

Tomatillos, too.

We've been eating cucumbers once they get about twice this big.

I finally have tomatoes beginning to bulge.

These are Chocolate peppers, they'll turn a deep reddish brown.



Inder-ific said...

Ooh, jealous. We get very few really warm days where I live (SF Bay Area) and consequently, don't do very well with eggplants or peppers or pumpkins or any number of awesome things we would love to grow! Our tomatoes just squeak by, mildly miserable most of the year. Bleh.

Long story short: Your mom is right.

Kurt Knudsen said...

love looking at your bounty!

olivia said...

the gardenia bloomed!!!! i wanna come see!

Anonymous said...

I will love to have your beautiful garden...I almost can smell your flowers on my computer

kelly said...

rochester is a little late to the garden game. your popping goodness is inspiring.